Smart marketers sometimes get outsmarted by their consumers. Here’s what happened :

Yesterday afternoon Rachita ( My daughter ) called me up to inform me that the printer needed a cartridge replacement. This so called technical purchase was always executed by me. When I was in Kolkata, there was a HP store nearby and I would walk in and buy the thing. When we moved to Delhi, I though buying online would be a good idea. So first purchase in Delhi was online at flipkart! Now, yesterday we had to take a buying decision. Two actors in the decision process:

ME : The influencer

RACHITA : The buyer and user

I asked Rachita if she can order this on flipkart and she answered in a YES. I felt great having resolved my daughter’s problem : she is busy working on her projects and printer is an essential item at home these days.

” Papa I placed the order for cartridges but not at Flipkart. They were charging Rs.40 for delivery. I checked Amazon and found the price to be lesser and no delivery charge. I saved Rs.75 ”   Wow, that’s great but what made you visit Amazon, I asked. She replied : When I saw delivery charge I thought if everything else including groceries,pizza etc are delivered without any charge, why to pay for the cartridges and that made me visit Amazon and I got a good deal.She continued, when I am getting the same thing for lesser price why go to Flipkart!

And marketers thought that kids are more likely to behave impulsive on online shopping sites. So if you are considering buying something online, outsource the task to your kids. They are going to do proper research and if you trust them- even get the best deal for you.






  1. Great !!! I am taking it a little ahead…What Made her to go to Amazon when she could have actually got it on https://www.hpshopping.in….was it even cheaper on Amazon.

    Does this mean the online marketplaces have become more important than the in house online stores of the Brands themselves?

    Today I had a meeting with an ecom portal http://www.limeroad.com who said that HLL has approached them to sell their cosmetics on their site ….obviously on SOR basis (Sale or Return).Earlier when the same site had approached them , HLL told them to sell it outright (buy in bulk or pay in advance) which they refused.Today after 3 months, HLL did a U-turn and agreed to go ahead with them.

    I dont know if people are aware of the of coke having started their ecom.www.coke2shop.com.In our meeting,we came to know that they have started their test marketing in few cities where they are giving 10-20% discount.Its Amazing!!!!They will soon launch it in Delhi.

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