A Newspaper in the Morning and a Book at your Bedside can Reduce E(ye)-Waste


Clearly, the target audience for this article consists of readers who can comfortably claim – “I don’t read newspapers”. At the risk of being labeled a ‘prescriptive and old fashioned’ person, let me start by saying this direct; newspapers and books(THE PRINTED ONES) are good for you. I can think of a few reasons as follows:

  1. Visualize yourself reading a copy of a newspaper(freshly printed and neatly delivered at your doorstep) and or a nice paperback/hardbound. Now just observe how you are reading this article; head down, eyes little stressed.
  2. A daily routine is mundane but can build some discipline in life: how about having a dedicated hour of reading and reflecting every day, instead of getting lost in the internet maze during the entire day and night. (Not to exclude – the spiced up/fake stories on the social media pages)
  3. You would have read about several adverse effects of screens and how it causes damage to the eyes and make you suffer from insomnia. To date, no such threat has been uncovered from reading the printed material.
  4. A newspaper can be referred to as a credible source just in case you wish to prove a point.
  5. You do not have to make any efforts on keeping yourself updated and well-informed. It just happens!

Screens are professional compulsions; for example, one certainly needs to work on PC for our Excel files and powerpoints, use mobile phones to receive and make calls. However certain things that we do on our screens are purely optional. You can decide not to read E-books or read the news on your app, and nobody gets hurt. This is another big reason to shun screens and smell the paper. It gives you some degree of freedom from the screens! This suggestion from someone who sold newspapers for more than 25 years, my personal biases notwithstanding, the advantages can be seen clearly; initially, you may find it difficult to see them but as your vision clears up, you will smile at the change you initiated.

This week Brand Equity announced a campaign #powerofprint that seeks nominations for advertisements we love and also kickstarted a campaign to reduce E-waste. Here’s what adman Angello Dias has to say about PRINT vis-a-vis TV (representing screens)


The print is the voice of the reason, a searchlight for the soul and it makes us think and reflect. The only way you understand the power of print is to feel the power.



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